Jorge Raphael – Explorer of life
I’m a passionate UX, UI, Researcher, Product and Service designer with a natural curiosity for human behavior and continuous learning.  Coming to UX and Design Thinking from many years focused on innovation and having designed large scale solutions for the global satellite industry.  And as a passionate leader, designer and engineer, I like to experiment, knowing that the best designs come from a process of continuous making, testing, and learning.  I’m a collaborator with a natural ability to work well with others.  I can think on micro and macro levels, and above all advocate for the user and always keep them at the center of my design process, while remaining true to the mission strategy.
Born to an American mother and Mexican father, growing up in Mexico City, and living the second half of my life in Los Angeles, California, has enriched my life with unique experiences and perspectives that combine elements of two very distinctive cultures, societies, histories, philosophies and challenges.  The great opportunity of growing up in a multicultural environment combined with very frequent and extensive international travel, has provided me with an ability to empathize and appreciate cultural nuances that have been shaped by the diversity of cultures, people, food, art, and different ways of thinking. 
I have learned we need to open our senses to all that surrounds us, to simply absorb new information, challenging ourselves to be able to arrive at a new way of looking at, seeing and then understanding the world. And it is this belief that can prepare us to learn to create depth to our creative vision, so that when the moment arrives we can both see and take action to realize its full potential.
The quote that inspires me most is:
 “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel .” - Maya Angelou

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