My Passion
From the very beginning of my career I've been passionate about connecting people across the globe, bringing access to technology and enabling value and opportunities across continents. I've been doing this while immersed at the intersection of technology, business, operations and design within leading international technology companies. I've had the privilege of working in design teams and managing distributed engineering and business teams that have brought healthcare via Telemedicine to remote areas in underdeveloped communities; business and communications infrastructure restoration after natural disasters (Katrina and Haiti); access to internet connectivity aboard major airlines, entertainment to millions of satellite TV viewers across the world; bringing to market cutting-edge digital products, among many others.

My Design Approach
As a designer, I have a natural curiosity about human behavior and continuous learning, thus compelled for pursuing formal training in UX design during the last year, and making a methodical career evolution in the process.  I enjoy running experiments, knowing that good design comes from a process of continuous making, testing, and learning. I am a collaborator with a natural ability to work well with others, bridge gaps across teams, and involve others at every stage of the design process. I can think strategically on micro and macro levels, approaching complex problems using a balance of brainpower, lessons learned and intuition. I'm able to think about the big picture, mapping out system architectures, user flows, and content taxonomies. At the same time, I'm happy to roll up my sleeves and sketch out an interface or find opportunities to empathize further and empower those around me. And above all I'm an advocate for the users and always keep them at the center of my design process while staying true to the business mission.
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